Clay Hollenkamp

Clay is the proprietor and lead teaching artist at Join the Circus Productions.  Clay has been a hobby potter since he took his first art class at Florida State University in 2000.  After completing an unnecessary amount of schooling, Clay decided that an office job just wouldn't do and that his career would be in the artistic realm.  He relocated to Washington, DC in 2011 and immediately found a home at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) where he continues to teach ceramics.  Since joining CHAW, Clay has taught youth and adult ceramics, a ceramics-based paint and sip called "Clay and Cabernet" and middle school summer camps in ceramics and fashion design.  Clay teaches painting and ceramics with Join the Circus.  Also, as he has been a bartender for the majority of the past 15 years, he teaches mixology workshops.  
As a teaching artist, Clay believes that the vast majority of his students are not there to become the next great artist but instead to have a fun and relaxing time and to make a piece of art of which they can be proud.  With that philosophy in mind, Clay gets his students' hands dirty right away and then works to help everyone realize their own artistic vision.