Clay Hollenkamp

Clay is the proprietor and lead teaching artist at Join the Circus Productions. Clay has been a hobby potter since he took his first art class at Florida State University in 2000. After completing an unnecessary amount of schooling, He relocated to Washington, DC in 2011 and immediately found a home at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) where he taught various art classes and found a career in nonprofit administration. Now back in his home town of Plant City, Clay continues to teach. He also founded the improv team currently known as Under-Medicated Improv. Clay teaches painting, improvisational acting and ceramics with Join the Circus and works in the nonprofit industry.

As a teaching artist, Clay believes everyone is artistic. The only difference between an artist and one who claims otherwise is that the artist follows through on his or her most unlikely ideas. Clay gets his students' hands dirty right away and then works to help everyone realize their own artistic vision.